Justin Bieber Throwing Gang Signs On The Beach

June 30, 2012 By:

When most 18-year-olds go to the beach, they play volleyball and surf. When Justin Bieber goes to the beach, he throws gang signs.

Justin demonstrated his experience living the thug life during a photo shoot in Los Angeles, raising some serious gang signs with his digits.

So far, no one has been able to identify which gang the “Boyfriend” singer is referring to, but upon closer examination, it appears to be some sort of uninformed hybrid between Crip Killer and the Latin Kings.

In the image, Justin appears to be in mid-scream: tongue out, eyes closed, and howling at the sky.

In addition, the singer rocks an outfit straight out of an episode of “Saved By The Bell,” yet somehow – like his moonwalk – he pulls it off. He wears a pair of low crotch jeans, ripped on the thigh, a white T-shirt, and an open, navy and maroon checked sleeveless button-down.

Justin’s urban move appears to be part of his more and more present transition into the hip-hop world. Over these last 2.5 years, the boy wonder has gone from a squeaky-voiced guitar YouTube ballader to a now swagelicious pop idol with gelled hair and – apparently – street cred.

Recently, Justin has shown the new hip-hop him off on his new album Believe, with collaborations with Nicki Minaj on “Beauty and a Beat,” with Ludacris on “All Around the World,” and with Kanye West mentee Big Sean on his new single “As Long as You Love Me.”

Ahh… Justin Bieber. The long lost, missing link between life in the hood and life in the elementary school cafeteria.