Justin Bieber Teases Fans in New Instagram Video

July 19, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber Teases Fans in New Instagram Video

Justin Bieber’s been in the news predominately for his bratty behavior, so to cover something related to his music is a serious change of tune.

Last evening, Justin tweeted the following vague message: “yeah I just did that.”

No, he wasn't talking about leaving a monkey stranded in a German airport. Or peeing in a restaurant kitchen. Or not paying for his indoor skydiving adventure. He was talking about tweeting a teaser for his next single "Heartbreaker."

He linked to this Instagram video, crooning the opening lyric and some of the chorus to the anticipated track:

Soon after the video was posted #Heartbreaker and “Justin Bieber” began to trend on social media worldwide.

Still no info on when the song—which appears in the campaign for his new fragrance, The Key—will be hitting iTunes and other retailers.