Justin Bieber Surprisingly Ripped In New Shirtless Photo

November 26, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Surprisingly Ripped In New Shirtless Photo
Image By: Twitter

Well if Thanksgiving didn’t fill you up with greasy goodness, then this tweet surely will.

Following his high profile breakup-makeup flip-flop with Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber—the 18-year-old ladykiller—is adding to his stud status.
Justin tweeted an Instagram photo of his tatted, ripped and shirtless body in a pair of red boxer shorts on Friday. 
“Back to the gym,” he captioned the shot.

The photo has already racked up over 45,000 favorites…that’s the population of Bali.
Sensing there was some serious subtext going on in this share, I showed the pic to our in-house Bieber expert who had already updated her computer desktop with the saucy snap.
In the expert’s opinion, this was an effort to stick it to Selena who—let’s face it—obviously broke up with Justin because the “As Long As You Love Me” singer can do no wrong. His Instagram upload was totally an “eat your heart out, Selena” moment…
Any other thoughts?
“Hot,” she said on the photo, in a “duh”-type tone. “But, it was kind of weird, because why would you be at the gym with overalls?”
The expert urged me to examine the photo closely—and, lo and behold, the boy wonder did seem to be wearing a pair of strap-stitched slacks on. 
So, what have we learned, kids? Justin Bieber is still hot as hell, he’s over Selena, and he is putting the swag back in Osh Kosh B’gosh…
In other not shirtless news, Justin was on the receiving end of the Diamond Jubilee Medal that was presented to him by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his “significant contributions and achievements” on Friday. He reportedly wore the same overalls for that event.
The honor makes sense, seeing as Justin is about 1,000 times more popular than his home country. Harper’s 264,000 Twitter followers is, after all, 113 times less than the Biebs’ current rankings...
However, Twitter haters pointed out that it was disrespectful of Justin to wear overalls when meeting the Prime Minister. Well, Harper himself laughed off the fashion faux pas, his rep told Hollyscoop exclusively, "The prime minister is not concerned and was very pleased to meet with him prior to the concert."