Justin Bieber: Surfin' Beast

July 13, 2012 By:

So what, it’s been like four hours since your last Bieber update? We don’t care if you’ve been sleeping, that’s way too long.

Anyway, while you rested, Justin Bieber surfed, “like a beast.”

After his highly photographed arrival and promotional stint in Japan earlier this week with girlfriend Selena Gomez, scoring a spot on a philanthropy list, winning the heart of BFF Sean Kingston and totally dumping Taylor Swift, JB has moved on to catch some synthetic waves, Malaysian style.

The ever modest Justin recently tweeted, “Just surfin like a beast lol,” then attached a pic of him riding high in one of those wave-pool-surf-simulator things, to prove it.

Justin and Selena Heat Up Japan

Why he couldn’t go to the actual beach has yet to be determined… but at least being in a pool significantly reduces the risk of shark attacks.

He’s on the southeast side of Asia for more promoing of his new “Believe” album and to perform at the MTV World Stage Live 2012 event.

Sean Kingston: Justin Bieber Is My Best Friend

The global music festival, which takes place this Saturday, July 14th, will also be featuring multi-award winning Korean pop sensations Jay Park and Kara, and Malaysian singer-songwriter Mizz Nina.

If you can’t make it overseas, and you still have the nerve to claim yourself a fan, the show will eventually be condensed into a special that will air on one of the many derivatives of MTV.

And I’m sure clips will surface sooner on Justin’s alma mater, YouTube.

(Web) Surf’s Up, people!