Justin Bieber Slammed By Native People Over His Statement

August 6, 2012 By:

Just because Justin Bieber’s nonsensical lyrics sell doesn’t mean that his nonsensical public statements will slide.

After a statement that the 18-year-old gave in an August Rolling Stone interview that, because of his Aboriginal ties he gets all the free gas in Canada, the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples is firing back. The group claims that not only is the statement not accurate, but they are having a hard time claiming Biebs as their own.

Betty Ann Lavallée, a national chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, gave a statement to Canada’s First Perspective about the issue.

“Mr. Bieber’s comment that Aboriginal people are entitled to free gas is simply not true,” said Lavallée.

Justin’s original comment seemed to beg the opposite…

“I’m actually part Indian,” he told Rolling Stone. “I think Inuit or something. I’m enough percent that in Canada I can get free gas.”

Lavallée went on to state that lighthearted comments like Justin’s actually end up hurting the public perception of the people.

“These kinds of remarks are another example of what Aboriginal peoples in Canada struggle with every day,” Lavallée continued. “It promotes the misconception that we are somehow getting a free ride.”

Some have taken it further, calling on Justin to make a public apology.

Justin was born in Stratford, Ontario. According to the First Perspective, it is impossible to guess at the origin of the boy wonder’s blood. However, the group would love to assist him in further understanding his heritage.

“We would be happy to help him in this regard,” said the Aboriginal peoples’ Vice-Chief Dwight Dorey.

Given Justin’s young age and immaturity, Dorey himself doesn’t hold the statement against the singer.

“Given that Mr. Bieber is still a young man, and unaware of the facts here, I personally don’t think he should be beat up over this comment,” said Dorey. “We don’t think he was trying to be malicious, or making a joke of Aboriginal issues.”