Justin Bieber Shows His New Tattoo on 'Letterman'

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Justin Bieber released his new album Believe earlier this week and today he released something else… his new tattoo.

During an interview on CBS’ “Late Show With David Letterman” the teen pop idol revealed the new ink for the first time. The tattoo is a text reading… Wait for it… “Believe.”

The text is a bold font in a black and white gradient on the inside of his left forearm. Paying attention to the image’s stylized punctuation is reads like this: “BELiEVE.”

“Tell me that’s the last one,” the host said.

Letterman joked with the singer, pleading with him to not get any more tats in the future. At one point he even grabbed at Bieber’s arm in some bizarre and fruitless attempt to take the tattoo back.

Sorry, Dave… It’s not the wash off kind.

Bieber waved him off, equating his opinion to that of “grandpas.”

Hollyscoop first learned about the new ink job just prior to Justin’s visit to tattoo parlor. A source told Hollyscoop that Justin was planning on stopping by celeb inker Bang Bang’s shop on Tuesday.

We’re told that girlfriend Selena Gomez was with him on the trip and was planning on getting a tattoo as well. No word on whether she received a matching “BELiEVE” on her left arm yet, but we do know that the young actress was in the same shop last week getting some ink on her right side.

Bang Bang’s clients include other mega acts in the music industry like Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Chris Brown.

Justin already has “just a couple” other tattoos including “Yesha” (“Jesus”) on his ribs and a star on his left elbow.

When asked by Letterman how it could possible help him look better to have a tattoo, Bieber put it simply:

“It doesn’t not help,” he said.
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