Justin Bieber Shaves His Head!

February 11, 2011 By:
Justin Bieber Shaves His Head!

O-M-F-G! Justin Bieber is bald. Yes, bald!

JB was a special guest on Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night. Jimmy said they held a Twitter contest about a song title, and someone suggested they call the song 'Jimmy cuts Justin's hair'. And from that he actually managed to convince Justin to let him cut his hair. Well at least a small piece of it

They cut to commercial and when they came back JB was completely bald. Too bad it wasn't for real--that would have been awesome.

Jimmy asked JB what he thought of his new look and he joked, "Yeah it's great, [the girls] will just focus on my beautiful silky smooth lyrics."

"I think the girls will be upset about it, but you know what, they'll get over it," JB said.

Check out JB getting shaved on Kimmel below...