Justin Bieber’s Tattoo Artist Speaks Out: Justin’s A Spoiled Brat!

March 29, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber’s Tattoo Artist Speaks Out: Justin’s A Spoiled Brat!

So Justin Bieber is just the worst now, you guys. Besides spitting as a form of communication and just being an all-around douchebag, his tattoo artist in London just said he’s cheap, spoiled, bratty, and totally disgraceful.

While Justin was over in London, wreaking havoc, wearing gas masks, and showing up late to concerts, he hired a tat artist named Guy Sahar to make a private hotel call and then, despite being richer than God, Bieber haggled over the price.

“When I said it was $1,000, Bieber’s bodyguard didn’t want to pay. They snubbed me and tried to haggle over the money. In the end I accepted $500 just so I could go,” Sahar told The Daily Mirror.

Justin Bieber probably spends $500 to get his car washed! Did he seriously haggle over the price of a tattoo?

“Basically, he’s a joke and a spoiled brat. When I was there, I also saw Justin throw a fit with his personal assistant. It was disgraceful," Sahar adds.

“Justin Bieber’s Fall From Grace” – The Lifetime movie, probably. 

Also, the tat artist was put on standby for 12 hours!

“Initially I was told to go to Justin’s hotel at 7p.m. by one of his minders but then I was called back and put on standby all night,” he revealed, “I was finally summoned to the hotel at 6am. I was told money wasn’t a problem so we didn’t discuss prices. I spent four hours tattooing him and his DJ, and wasn’t even offered a glass of water.”

What a d*ck.