Justin Bieber’s New Mystery Girl Revealed

March 1, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber’s New Mystery Girl Revealed
Image By: wenn.com

Justin Bieber is seriously turning into the most annoying person on the planet. Today is his birthday, Happy 19th kid, and to celebrate he waltzed around the streets of London without a shirt on because 19-year-old boy bodies are everyone’s (NOT) favorite thing to look at.

Justin’s half-naked body isn’t doing him ANY justice. He really needs to learn what muscle milk is or put his shirt on until he’s out of his teenage years.

BUT, the most important part of this story is that Justin went for round #2 with the girls he reportedly had a three-way with earlier this week.

That blonde chick and her purple-haired friend who escaped from Bieber’s hotel walk-of-shame style just a few days ago were BACK for his b-day bash.

They met up with Bieber at exclusive nightclub BLC and even followed JB’s birthday clique to a Lebanese restaurant until 6 a.m. because OMG people in the UK party really effing hard.

The blonde girl has been identified. Her name is Natasha-Jane Beech, she’s 20, and works at a nightclub in London. According to a source, “Natasha is always out partying and posts everything from her nights out on her Facebook page.” Unfortunately her FB is set to private; otherwise we'd be stalking it for late-night Bieber pics. 

She sounds like one of those I-Hope-I-Meet-A-Celebrity-At-A-Nightclub types. Well, congrats Natasha, you met one of the biggest celebs in Hollywood. Make it count. 

Oh and then there’s a third girl in the mix. 17-year-old aspiring singer Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke is what the UK tabloids are calling his “rumored girlfriend” but really she’s just another rando he’s partying with too. She has YET to be seen sneaking out of his hotel room.

However, she’s very pretty. She looks like a young Beyoncé.