Justin Bieber’s Movie Trailer Looks Really Good

November 15, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber’s Movie Trailer Looks Really Good

Honestly you guys, the trailer for Justin Bieber’s SECOND documentary Believe (Yes, we know his first movie was also called Believe, just DEAL WITH IT!) looks really good.

As a grown adult writing this, we are most definitely going to drag our entire extended family to see the movie when it opens on Christmas Day.

The trailer is supposed to make you feel bad for Bieber with ominous title cards like, “witness the true story” and “there’s more to his story” which could also double as title cards for “Jesus” the movie.

The trailer shows footage from Bieber’s now-infamous paparazzi cuss out, which somehow they’ve miraculously spun to make Bieber look GOOD! Like, the fact that Bieber ONLY cussed out the pap and DIDN’T hit him was a GOOD THING.

It’s a damn Christmas miracle, that’s what this is. Bieber’s Believe movie is the reason for the season.