Justin Bieber’s Fans Turn Against Him

November 5, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber’s Fans Turn Against Him
Image By: wenn.com

If you’re waiting for Justin Bieber’s bratty behavior to end, prepare to keep waiting.

While touring through Brazil (and getting into a little trouble along the way), Justin had an appointment to honor—a VIP meet-and-greet with a few fans who paid upwards of $1,000+ just to exchange friendly “hello”s and “I LUV UR MUSIC!!!”s with the pop star.

But that’s not how the episode played out.

Instead it ended with the fans crying their hearts out—angry and disappointed—after Bieber’s security guards manhandled them and Justin appeared “cold” and “indifferent” to them.

It was also all caught on camera.

One teen fan tweeted of the experience: “I’ve just left the ‘meet’ in shock. Half of us left loving him and half left hating him. Guys, it was so quick. Ask anyone.”

“Guys, Justin is amazing, he’s beautiful, don’t doubt this, he just lacks a little consideration,” the fan added. “Even though he was ignorant with me, I still met him…I cried a lot, but a lot of Beliebers comforted me, and I comforted many others. I still love him.”

Watch the video to see how it all played out: