Justin Bieber’s 11 Brattiest Moments

October 6, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber’s 11 Brattiest Moments
Image By: wenn.com

Dude, where’s my career?

That could be the question Justin Bieber will be asking himself in a few years' time if he doesn’t clean his act up, or so his critics claim. Justin regularly throws frustrated tantrums over the media’s depiction of him, yet he continues to make it real easy for them.

Here’s a review of 11 moments from the year that made us send Bieber to timeout...

1. When he showed his appreciation for his fans by spitting on them.

From this vantage point, he just wanted to get closer to all of them.

2. Decrying unwanted attention, and then driving this leopard print car that’s not exactly hard to spot.

3. His undiagnosed allergy to shirts.

4. When he made his bodyguards carry him across the Great Wall of China.

5. That time he abandoned his poor monkey.

Poor Mally…

6. When he made fun of a struggling drug addict.

7. When he assumed that Anne Frank would’ve been a Belieber.

8. His immature road rage.

After speeding, he stopped traffic on a busy street because LA traffic revolves around him.

9. The audacity to repeatedly show up hours late to concerts.

Hey, Bieber, your fanbase has to report to homeroom at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.

10. That time he tried to sneak underage Jaden Smith into a club and when it didn’t work, he called it the “worst birthday.”

11. When he couldn’t be bothered to take 12 steps to a nearby restroom and peed in a restaurant bucket.

Maybe his bodyguards weren't around to transport him. EYEROLL.