Justin Bieber Responds to Blackmailer's Twitter Threats

October 12, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Responds to Blackmailer's Twitter Threats

It’s a modern-day Mexican standoff. Lucky for Justin Bieber’s fair skin, the battle is not being fought in the harsh sun of a western, but instead in the safe environment of the Twitterverse.

Following the leak of a Bieber penis photo that is now decidedly fake by most outlets, the clock is ticking for Justin, who has been given a deadline of noon today by a Twitter harasser claiming to be the one who stole his laptop with the REAL footage.

The social media user going by the name of gexwy has given the Biebs a list of demands, promising to leak private footage if the boy wonder doesn’t comply.

The back-and-forth between Bieber and the apparent thief all took place on Thursday. Here’s a run down on how it all happened...

It started when gexwy started posting videos on Youtube and linking to them on Twitter to use as proof that they had the laptop.

Gexwy even mocked Bieber for the crappy job he did on his password protection.

The culprit assured JB and his army of followers that they were the “very real” deal, claiming to be looking at the other, more scandalous footage.

Then came gexwy’s demands, which were sent to Justin via direct message and are currently a mystery.

Justin apparently responded to the threats in private, but gexwy didn’t liked what he had to say.

After assessing the situation, the 18-year-old pop star decided that the threats weren’t worth his time, letting the demander and his followers know that he was “too strong.”

But gexwy hasn’t let up and assures us that the private footage will be leaked at noon on Friday.

And, while Justin and gexwy remained relatively tame throughout the exchange, the singer’s fans were far from it, supporting their hero with death threats and plenty of foul language that they certainly didn’t learn from one of his albums…

We’ll keep checking in to see if this is all this pans out to be the real thing… It’s what we do.