Justin Bieber Pulled Over By Cops

November 14, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Pulled Over By Cops


Cuz he’s wanted! Dead or alive!

Justin Bieber just broke up with his girlfriend and now he’s getting pulled over by cops for driving too fast! Ooooh what a bad boy.

Ulch, ok, he’s 18.

Anyways, Bieber was driving through LA last night around 6:30PM in a totally awesome white Ferrari when he was pulled over by a cop. Apparently he was going too fast? Wait, 6:30PM is rush hour traffic in LA, how fast can you possibly go?

Eh, whatever. There is photographic proof that Justin was stopped by cops, because he posted a photo of the cop car with strobe lights blaring as seen through the reflection of his side view mirror. Basically, Bieber REALLY wants you to know he’s a lawbreaker.

TMZ is reporting that Bieber did get a ticket from cops, but apparently it wasn’t for speeding. It’s unsure what the ticket was for, maybe for having such a sick ride!

Bieber was reportedly very cooperative and he had someone else in the car with him. But it wasn’t a girl…boo, it was just one of his guy friends.