Justin Bieber Pranks Fans – Hyperventilating Ensues

October 10, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Pranks Fans – Hyperventilating Ensues

Yesterday a bunch of Justin Bieber fans were sent to a focus group for the new “Just Dance 4” video game and while they thought they were just going to bust out their dance moves for a few hours to Justin Bieber songs, little did they know, JB himself was watching them play the video game from behind a two-way mirror before surprise attacking the girls. Obviously, insanity ensued.

About 15 pre-teen girls were trying out the video game when Bieber casually slinked his way into the rooms and naturally, the girls began screaming on impact.

One girl in particular announced at the start of the video that she was “in love” with Justin Bieber, so when he walked into her focus group room asking if any of the girls had “ordered a pizza” the girl broke down in hysterical tears. We hear she’s still trying to catch her breath.

In related news, Justin Bieber is the victim of theft!

Bieber just took to Facebook and Twitter to announce that someone has stolen some very personal stuff from the actor. And no, it’s not a sex tape.

“Yesterday me and my tour manager had stuff stolen at the venue. that camera and computer had personal footage. not cool. please respect others,” Bieber wrote today.

Ok, personal footage? It’s definitely a sex tape.

But back to that other thing about the prank. Watch Bieber pranking teenage girls here.