Justin Bieber Poses Shirtless and Makes Fun of Himself

April 15, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber Poses Shirtless and Makes Fun of Himself
Image By: Twitter

Justin Bieber posted shirtless selfies to the Internet today to make fun of the gossip blogs who make fun of him. We know, it doesn’t make any sense, we’re assuming Bieber is just running out of reasons to post shameless shirtless pics.

So Bieber posted these pics with the captions, “'Breaking news worldwide @justinbieber just posted 2 shirtless pictures he must be going crazy' – funny people #forthefansanyways #dontbecreepin :p”

The second shirtless photo (which features gym employees just awkwardly sitting on laptops in the background like this is normal) featured the caption which read, “'Uh oh @justinbieber is losing it taking shirtless pics in the mirror' – funny people."

Uhmm, okay, let’s break this down.

First of all, who are these "funny people" he is quoting? Can you clarify, please? Bieber? For the fans?

Secondly, as a member of the gossip community, we can confidently say that no blog, tabloid, or news show has said that Bieber is “losing it” or “crazy” because of his Instagram pics. Sure, his selfies are the most annoying thing on the Internet outside of Vine videos, but we think he’s “crazy” because he spit on his neighbor, has hood rat friends, fights with paparazzi, and thinks that Anne Frank should have gone to the “Believe” tour.

That’s why Bieber is crazy. Not because he posts photos on the Internet.

In the meantime, just enjoy these shirtless photos of a hairless 19-year-old boy because it’s not pervy at all.