Justin Bieber Officially Charged with Vandalism

November 7, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber Officially Charged with Vandalism
Image By: Instagram

Justin Bieber’s wild ways have finally caught up with him in Brazil. 

Justin has been officially charged with vandalism after photos were published of the singer illegally spray painting the side of a $25+ million hotel in Rio de Janeiro.

Police officials are slapping Bieber with a misdemeanor for the scribble-scrawling he committed earlier this week; he’ll be brought to small claims court and made to face a fine for the crime.

Justin originally received permission from City Hall to tag a wall in Rio, but Justin’s entourage didn’t approve of the location (they felt he wouldn’t be safe there) and instead cordoned him off as he sprayed up another wall in a more upper-class district of Rio.

“The permission from City Hall did not extend to other locations,” a police statement says and that’s where we are today with this court case.