Justin Bieber "Never Say Never" Advanced Tickets on Sale

February 1, 2011 By:
Justin Bieber

Forget all those smart Oscar movies that are on your list to see this month—advanced tickets are now on sale for Justin Bieber’s upcoming 3D flick Never Say Never.

Tickets are available for purchase at participating movie theaters, through the Cineplex mobile app and online at www.cineplex.com/tickets.

Biebs is also giving away tickets to lucky fans as well. He said, “I love that part. It’s one of my favorite parts because everyone gets happy. It makes everyone happier. You go in the back and you give them tickets … it’s amazing.”

Let the countdown begin! The movie comes out on Febrauary 11th, which is just 10 days away!

School teacher should probably be prepared for a lot of students to skip school that day…at least they’ll know where to find them!