Justin Bieber Makes Canadian Olympian's Day Via Twitter

July 30, 2012 By:

So what’s more exciting for an 18-year-old Canadian girl - competing as a gymnast in the Olympic games or getting a personal message from the world's most beloved Canadian teen, now and forever, Justin Bieber?

Tough call, right?
Either one could make a girl's life. For Dominique Pegg, they both actually happened. On the same day even.
Pegg was competing Sunday to help Team Canada qualify for the team finals in the London Olympics 2012.

Riding high on some kind of adrenaline rush, she decided to take her pending notoriety to Twitter, and headed right on over to @justinbieber:

A pro at catering to his demo via social media, Biebs replied:

Pegg then thanks him for his reply, and credited him as an inspiration:

The whole thing moved another fan to comment, and then Pegg to retweet:

Super cute, right?

And it might have helped her stick a few landings. The team did indeed qualify for the next round, and she personally qualified to compete in the all around final.
As of now she’s in 18th place, an important number for all parties involved these days.
Though it’s impossible to tell what will happen in the rest of the Games, one thing is for sure -- if we see her doing warm up stretches on the sidelines, we know exactly who's hit single is currently on loop through those earphones.