Justin Bieber Loves to Google Himself

June 9, 2010 By:
Justin Bieber Loves to Google Himself

Young girls love to Google Justin Bieber, and guess what? So does he! When the pop sensation isn’t on stage, he’s busy checking out what’s being said about him on the Internet.

Sean Kingston, who worked with Bieber on his track “Eenie Meenie,” told MySpace.com that Justin is always online looking for articles written about himself.

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When asked if Sean is the same way, he said, "No, but Justin does that though, he loves to Youtube himself and Google himself, I'm not like that."

That’s dangerous! Especially being Justin Bieber, who probably has an article or tweet written about him every minute! If you haven’t noticed already, he’s always a trending topic on Twitter!

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In related news, Kingston and Bieber plan on working more together in the future. Sean said, "To be honest with you, we did like five songs together, I have four other songs with Justin Bieber that's not “Eenie Meenie” so keep
your eyes peeled for future collaborations!"

Justin is like the king of collaborations right now! Who knows, maybe he’ll google himself today and this article will come up! Love ya, Biebs!