Justin Bieber Loses A Rolex But Gains A British Accent

June 11, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Loses A Rolex But Gains A British Accent

During an interview for Capital FM’s Summertime Ball in London, a music festival for which he preformed, Justin Bieber proved that the older he gets, the more pleased with himself he becomes.

At the prompting of the host, Biebs did the whole interview in an British accent. One that might have been more impressive if he weren’t chomping gum through the whole thing…. kind of like a cocky teenager.

The interview started out with Bieber talking about a tres expensive Rolex that he just lost in Las Vegas. Emphasis is put on the fact that it’s not a cheap accessory, but money not being a problem for the very rich young lad, the real issue was that it was a gift from an undisclosed party.

“It was sentimental, but I’m going to get another one and I’m going to basically be like, this is the one you got me, and I’m going to treat it like the one you got me."

So there you go mystery gift-giver, it’s ok, he’ll buy another one, from you. No problem.

As for what he is hoping to accomplish in the next year, he said he would like to get into the movie business.

“I actually want to do some comedy movies as well as some action, some stuff that is going to be challenging and what not.”

Then he claims he has a black belt. And turns the whole thing into a bad joke your dad might embarrass you with as he’s threatening your first date to bring you home on time.

“It’s actually a black belt, Louis Vuitton belt.”

What’s the opposite acronym for LOL?
Anyway, there you go, this kid has it all… except for a convincing accent. Keep trying though Justin, you can get it. If not, hire a vocal coach. You can afford it.
And that missing Rolex.