Justin Bieber Look-Alike Causes Fan Meltdown

July 16, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Look-Alike Causes Fan Meltdown

This should bring some LOL's to your Mondaze.

Justin Bieber was staying in an Australian hotel over the weekend and like every time Justin travels, a throng of fans gather outside and start hyperventilating.

As fate would have it, some non-famous teenage boy with a slight resemblance to Justin Bieber was staying at the same hotel at the same time and decided to taunt some fans.

While his cousin held the camera, the Bieber-alike would walk up to the window of his hotel room and immediately the girls outside the window would start screaming, because they assumed he WAS Bieber.

The boy would wave and the screams would get louder. Then the kid moved away from the window and the screaming stopped.

The boy wasn’t dressed like Bieber, meaning he wasn’t outfitted like a pre-pubescent wankster, but from the 30th story where it appeared he was staying, the fans on the street couldn’t tell the difference.

The kid walked back up to the window and as if on cue, the queue of fans screamed again.

The look-alike uploaded the video to YouTube yesterday and already it has close to 400,000 views and 3,712 likes.

Any overwhelming number of comments on the YouTube page wondered why the look-alike didn’t whip out his “package,” if you know what I mean. Basically, all the YouTube comments desperately wanted the doppelganger to ruin Bieber’s reputation.

A few hours after the video was uploaded, the video was featured on Reddit’s front page.

The kid should have dangled a baby on the balcony or walked around naked. Now THAT would be an awesome headline.