Justin Bieber Leaked Footage PR Stunt For New Music Video Release?

October 12, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Leaked Footage PR Stunt For New Music Video Release?

Just this morning we found out that Justin Bieber’s stolen camera footage has been obtained by an ominous Twitter user named @Gexwy, whose been tweeting out personal videos from Bieber’s computer. And no, no sex tapes yet, ya PERVS!

However, there are lots of signs that point to the fact that this might all be a very annoying PR stunt for the release of Bieber’s new music video with Nicki Minaj called “Beauty and a Beat.”

Let me explain...

@Gexwy says he’s going to release some very personal, very top-secret video of Bieber today at NOON that apparently is so salacious and so scandalous, the video is going to break YouTube.

All Bieber fans will be waiting by their computers at noon for whatever this video may be.

One of the leaked videos so far is of Bieber at a pool party. PerezHilton.com is the only gossip blog who was sent the footage and is claiming that the rest of the “pool party” footage will be released at noon.

However, upon closer inspection, the pool party set-up and Bieber’s black tank top looks suspiciously similar to this still from Bieber’s new pool-party themed video with Nicki Minaj for “Beauty and a Beat.” Huh.

Not only that, but Nicki tweeted out to HER fans that a “BIG” surprise is happening today.

Bieber re-tweeted her tweet. Since when does Bieber retweet Nicki Minaj videos unless it applies to him? Let’s be real.

Watch the footage, decide for yourself. All I’m saying is, if at noon all we get is a new music video, a lot of Beliebers hoping for more d*ck pics are gonna be pissed!