Justin Bieber is the New Ashton Kutcher

March 31, 2011 By:
Justin Bieber is the New Ashton Kutcher

Because Bieber fever is now a pandemic, Justin Bieber is set to star in a new movie with Ashton Kutcher.

I guess a cameo on 'CSI' is a good enough acting resume to get you the main role in a feature film these days. The movie, What Would Kenny Do, is about a young man who travels in time to coach his 17 year-old self through high school tribulations. I liked it better when it was called 13 Going on 30, Big 17 Again.

The movie is currently in pre-production, going through a last rewrite. So get back to logging into your neopets accounts, girls. You'll be waiting awhile.

Bieber was also recently rumored to be taking over Ashton's spot on Punk'd. Ashton said of Bieber:

"He's a nice kid and he's a funny kid - and people don't know he's a funny kid yet... and he's sneaky."

That's true, he could get away with anything. Bieber could probably pull a prank that involved someone losing an limb, and when he came out and said "you've been punk'd!" they'd just tousle his hair and saw, "awe, ya little scamp!"