Justin Bieber is 'Hot' and 'Ready' On His New Rolling Stone Cover

July 17, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber is 'Hot' and 'Ready' On His New Rolling Stone Cover

You know you’re big when you beat out The Dark Knight Rises and “Breaking Bad” for the cover of Rolling Stone. Of course, if you’re Justin Bieber, you already know that anyway.

Biebs is continuing his manhood proclamation on his new cover of Rolling Stone magazine. The “As Long as You Love Me” singer’s cover photo was revealed via fan Twitter handle @bieberarmy.

The fan account claims to be the “first and official army for Justin Bieber” with the tagline, “JBA: Your fight is our fight.”

In the photo, soft lighting highlights his boyish features, which he tries desperately to hide.

“Hot, Ready, Legal,” the cover text reads. (Justin… What would your grandmother say?)

The cover is every teen dreamer’s fantasy come true…

Justin’s toned arms peek through a white tank top undershirt, his silver chain necklace hides underneath. He sports a classic bad boy pose. He leans against a worn, wooden wall with his hair in its vertical tossed perfection.

All and all, though... Justin’s cover image hasn’t changed a lot since his first Rolling Stone appearance in February of 2011. On that issue, he wore the same outfit and pout. He did, however, manage to take his jacket off in the new issue.

The 2011 issue also sparked some controversy for the then 17-year-old lady killer when, in the interview he told the magazine, “I really don't believe in abortion." The statement was later attributed to a misquote, which Rolling Stone apologized for in an editor’s note.

Despite its lack of creativity, Justin’s cover will surely act as quality publicity for his Believe tour, kicking off in September. Like he needs it…