Justin Bieber is Definitely Going to be a Young Dad

March 2, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber is Definitely Going to be a Young Dad

Beliebers, you have ten good years to try to lock him down and have his babies.

Justin Bieber wants to have kids in about a decade from now, and personally, I’m putting money on him naming one of them #SWAG.

“I see myself in 10 years having a family,” Justin said. “28, that’s a good time to really have a family because I want to be a young dad. Maybe, [it’s a] long time away though.”

Despite Belieber-gone-bad Mariah Yeater trying to make him her baby-daddy, Bieber says he’s got nothing in the works.

“Don’t get any ideas, people. It’s not happening anytime soon.”

Justin turned eighteen yesterday and says the birthday is quite the milestone.

He told MTV News: "18 requires a lot of responsibilities.”

You know you’re old when that sentence makes you roll your eyes. And I don’t even know why I’m rolling my eyes, because I’m not married and not a parent, so I basically still have the same responsibilities as an 18 year old. You wanna know responsibilities, kid? Try having to remember to set your cat’s automatic feeder when you go to Vegas for the weekend. Yeah.

“Moving out requires me to be alone,” Justin said. “Without my parents. So, legally, I can make any decision I want.”

Justin says that his mom is coping with him flying the coop.

“My mom's still going to be there, probably, calling me every day. Probably won't be able to get away from her for too long. 18 is going to be fun. I look forward to a lot of touring and a lot of spending time with my fans, so 18 is going to be a great year."