Justin Bieber is Dead!

February 18, 2011 By:
Justin Bieber is Dead!

Someone shot the Biebs! Justin Bieber reprised his role as troubled teen Jason McCann on CSI in an episode titled "A Target of Obsession", but his second appearance on the show came to a bloody end.

After setting a bomb that endangered Nick Stokes and his team, Jason [Bieber] drove off in a van with his associate, Timothy Johnson. When the cops caught up to them, he pretended to surrender. At the last moment, however, he pulled a gun and shot an officer, prompting Stokes to shoot him.

But don't worry there's no hard feelings, the Biebs shared his excitement about the episode with fans on Twitter.

"Everyone back home make sure to tune in to CSI tonight!! Jason McCann is BACK!! #badass," he wrote.

Check out the clip of the Biebs on CSI below...