Justin Bieber: "I'm Pretty Powerful"

October 27, 2010 By:
Justin Bieber:

Don't mess with the Biebs! The large toddler has let fame get to his head, but don't worry, he'll make good use of it.

Justin Bieber, who has shot to international stardom and now travels with an entourage of at least 20, thinks he's pretty powerful at just 16 years-old.

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“I think that I’m pretty powerful," he told reporters at Variety magazine’s 4th Annual Power of Youth event in Los Angeles.

But don't worry, he won't use his "power" for evil.

“I think that being powerful you have to do something good with that power. We’re helping build schools, we’ve already built fifteen with the charity Pencils for Promise. We just like the fact that young people can help out young people.”

It's great to hear young celebs doing something so positive with their fame.