Justin Bieber: I’m Not Going To Address My Wild Behavior

April 2, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber: I’m Not Going To Address My Wild Behavior

So Justin Bieber is crazy now, we can all agree on that, but Justin Bieber doesn’t really think he is, he refuses to talk about his psychotic escapades because he thinks he’s fine. Also Justin just compared himself to Jay-Z, because that’s rational. Keep reading.

Justin covers the May issue of Teen Vogue, because teenage fashionistas love prepubescent wanksters, with a headline that reads,  “Justin’s Crazy Year.”

When the interviewer presumably asks him, “do you want to talk about how you punched out a paparazzi and walk around shirtless and spit on neighbors and in general act like a little b*tch?” Bieber was all like, “I don’t need to address every speculation.”

First of all, it’s not speculation, it’s FACT, so whatever.

Secondly, Bieber explains why he won’t address the “speculation.”

“Remember when Cam’ron dissed Jay-Z? Jay-Z didn’t even respond. Why didn’t he respond, because he’s Jay-Z,” says Bieber.

So, Bieber thinks he’s JUST LIKE JAY-Z, which he’s not. Moving on. Who even remembers Cam’ron? Not only that, who even remembered that Cam’ron dissed Jay-Z? Surely not the readership of Teen Vogue.

Bieber also adds, “I know who I am, and I’m very much in control.”

We wonder if he'll say that next time he spits on someone.