Justin Bieber: ‘I Don’t Give a F*ck’

November 20, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber: ‘I Don’t Give a F*ck’

Justin Bieber is breaking his vow of silence—though his recent disorderly actions have been speaking louder than words ever could—in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, his first in nine months.

Here are the CliffsNotes of what we learned:

On just all around not giving a f*ck: “Not ‘I don’t give a f*ck’ to just be reckless and do whatever, but ‘I don’t give a f*ck what they say.’...I know who I am and what I’m doing in my life and what I’ve accomplished and continue to accomplish as a performer, as a writer, as an artist, as a person, as a human being. I’m happy with the man I’m becoming.”

On the negative media attention: “When people see a negative thing about me on a magazine, they’re gonna buy it. Every time some site writes something bad, all my followers go on there, and it brings them more traffic. Now they have all the Beliebers on their site, which gives them money from advertisers. They’re just worried about money. They don’t care about ruining someone’s name.”

On being influenced by black culture: “I’m very influenced by black culture, but I don’t think of it as black or white. It’s not me trying to act or pose in a certain way. It’s a lifestyle — like a suaveness or a swag, per se. But I don’t really like to say the word [‘swag’] anymore. It’s kind of played out.”

On who he trusts: “I trust my mom and dad. I trust Scooter [Braun] with my career; he’s always made sure I’m taken care of. That’s it.”

On aspiring to be the next Michael Jackson: “Michael Jackson didn’t do Off The Wall until he was about 23. Bad, not until he was, like, 25 [Jackson was 29]. I have all the time in the world.”