Justin Bieber Got Ripped Overnight – See the Pics

July 17, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber Got Ripped Overnight – See the Pics

So, we are adult women of a certain age and Justin Bieber is a 19-year-old child, but let’s just say we checked out Bieber’s newest shirtless photos and rested our eyes on the images for longer than might be appropriate.

Is it just us or did Bieber get weirdly buff all of a sudden?

One of Bieber’s entourage mates posted these new pictures of Bieber hanging out on a boat and showing us what Muscle Milk and douchebaggery looks like.

Bieber is ripped now!

Okay, so he’s 5’8”, skinny and still can’t grow facial hair but seriously though, he has an 8-pack! We’re not being weird, we’re just pointing out facts!

If you covered up his face, we’d be all like, “The Situation, is that you?”

Once you get past the fact that Bieber might be roiding out, can we talk about how there’s like 10 men in various states of undress packed into a tiny little watercraft?