Justin Bieber Got a Jesus Tattoo

January 6, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Got a Jesus Tattoo

Because that’s what the Lord would want: to be drawn on the leg of a pre-pubescent pop star. It’s in the Bible.

Justin Bieber was spotted on a Los Angeles beach recently, because yes, it feels like flipping summer right now, and I’ll be darned if Bieber doesn’t have yet another new tattoo.

This time, it looks like Justin has permanently inked a portrait of Jesus (Christ) on his rear left calf. And even Jesus is rolling his eyes in the tattoo. Seriously, it’s like Jesus is saying, ‘Really? Me? On your leg? You couldn’t even give me a shoulder?’

I mean, the back of the leg (see photo here) isn’t really a good body part for getting a significant tattoo. It’s usually where you usually get, like, a Tweety bird. Or Cartman from South Park, something like that. But not Jesus.

Bieber also has the name “Jesus” tattooed on his torso and a small seagull tattooed on his hip.

The bird reportedly matches one his father has. Because you know, nothing says “family” like getting a beach rat permanently drawn on your body.

No word when the Biebs got the Jesus tattoo, but he got his seagull tattoo back in March 2011, at Son of a Gun Tattoo in Toronto. Sounds fun.

"[We'll do it] if you're 16 and you have your parental consent,” Co-owner Brian Byrne said, as Bieber was underage when he got the ink. “We're pretty sticky with that. We don't want kids running around with garbage on them that [they'll later regret]."