Justin Bieber Gets Revenge on Twitter

August 16, 2010 By:
Justin Bieber Gets Revenge on Twitter

Justin Bieber used Twitter this weekend for reasons other than connecting with his fans—he got revenge!

According to Popeater, Beiber tweeted a phone number to all of his 4.5 million followers over the weekend. He wrote, "Everyone call me 248-XXX-XXXX :) or text."

He deleted it shortly after, but the damage was already done. And of course that wasn’t Justin’s phone number, so whose was it? According to Gawker, the number belongs to a young man who hacked into Bieber’s twitter and was able to get his number.

"Thanks for giving out my # @justinbieber,” the young man wrote, before deleting his Twitter.

Guess what goes around comes around! Twitter can be a dangerous thing!