Justin Bieber Gets Reprimanded For Cursing on a Plane

July 27, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Gets Reprimanded For Cursing on a Plane

Who taught Justin Bieber swear words?

It must be all the time he’s spending in the hip-hop scene lately, because Justin’s got a filthy mouth and it’s causing a ruckus. On an Air New Zealand flight, a mom scolded Justin about his language.

According to TMZ, the incident went down during a 12-hour flight – in first class, obviously - en route to the States. Justin was returning home to continue the North American leg of his tour.

Surrounded by his entourage, the 18-year-old started using some serious adult language. Forgetting that the world doesn’t revolve completely around him, Justin continued his expletive spree. At one point it got so loud a woman addressed the matter to him personally.

The lady, who is a mother of two, walked right up to Biebs and commanded him to, “stop yelling curse words and using that kind of language on a plane. It's not appropriate."

Good thing there wasn’t a bar of soap nearby or she might have scrubbed his potty mouth out too.

Justin returned to his gentlemen state according to a source and quickly apologized to the mom.

Jeez, Justin… You’ve been ticking moms off left and right, lately.

Earlier this month the singer reportedly damaged a mom’s ears at a 2010 concert. And a quick apology didn’t exactly cover the suffering of that one. In fact, JB is getting sued for a solid $9,230,000 by the mom.

But it’s not all bad news from the Bieber camp. While Down Under, Justin and his long-time girlfriend Selena Gomez were spotted dropping by Auckland hospital to cheer children up.

Redemption? I think so.

Justin’s next stop on tour is in Glendale, Arizona where he’ll perform at the Jobing.com Arena.