Justin Bieber Got Into a Fist Fight

March 19, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Got Into a Fist Fight

Justin Bieber got into his first fight. Well, it was a choreographed fight in a video for “Complex” magazine, but it was still pretty gritty.

Bieber gets beat up in the boxing ring by a beefy boxing dude, which makes the little pop star look extra teeny tiny.

Bieber gets all bloodied and covered in “bruise” face paint that make him look more like an extra from a community theater production of “Newsies” rather than someone in a boxing ring.

Too bad half of Bieber’s fans won’t get to peep these photos as their mother’s will probably say it “promotes violence” or something.


The video accompanies an interview for Complex mag’s 10th anniversary for their “knock-out anniversary.”

In the article, Bieber’s unleashes some Bieber-isms, like when Bieber wore the same jacket as Swizz Beatz and just said, “Well, whatever. I just rocked it here in France and it looks swaggy.”

Are the kids saying “swaggy” now?

Bieber is also getting way feistier now, talking about why he hates being photographed by the paparazzi.

“It’s like, ‘Yo, I just got off an eight-hour flight. I’m tired and my eyes have bags under them. I’m not trying to take pictures. I’m not going to come to your house, wake you up, and start snapping your picture,” says the Biebs.

Yeah, you guys, let him get a get an under-eye de-puffer and oxygen facial before you even consider snapping his picture!