Justin Bieber Gets Another Lame Tattoo

June 2, 2011 By:
Justin Bieber Gets Another Lame Tattoo

Justin Bieber is getting so tatted up, he's becoming a walking painting.

Bieber was recently photographed in Hawaii with a new Jesus tattoo, and that was in addition to the seagull tattoo on his hip.

The latest tat is a star on his elbow, which matches the one his father has. His father also has a matching seagull tattoo. This family obviously picks out their tattoos by closing their eyes and randomly pointing to designs in the sample book at the tattoo parlor.

Bieber was recently vacationing with girlfriend Selena Gomez in Hawaii, where he took a series of borderline pornographic shots.

Either he's trying to get her attacked or just wants to piss off his fans. Because they went berserk upon seeing these photos, threatening to attack Gomez. For the rest of us, looking at photos of a pre-pubescent boy groping a barely-legal woman was just uncomfortable.

But no, he wasn't done there. Bieber took the girlfriend back to Canada to meet his family, and while visiting, Tweeted a disturbing picture of both of them, scantily clad, all over each other on the couch.

The only thing Bieber might love more than groping Selena Gomez is his hometown in Canada, Stratford. He took Gomez to his favorite restaurant, Swiss Chalet. It's basically a large chain of chicken restaurants.

When Bieber was interviewed by Rolling Stone earlier this year, Bieber said,
"I would fly to Canada and eat at Swiss Chalet and get their quarter chicken dinner. It's so good."