Justin Bieber Faces Assault Charges

October 20, 2010 By:
Justin Bieber Faces Assault Charges

Justin Bieber’s legal problems may just be beginning.

According to reports, the father of a 12-year-old boy who was reportedly hit by the tween sensation while at a laser tag center last week, wants to press charges.

According to the Canadian Broadcast Center, the boy’s father filed an official complaint this week with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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The identity of the alleged assaulted boy has not yet been released because the case involves a minor. "And in the case where it involves a minor, we're simply not in a position to ever release the person's name," a rep for the police told the press.

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The boy claims Bieber punched him in the face, but sources say Bieber was just acting in self-defense. "We're in the early stages in our investigations and are conducting interviews with people who witnessed the alleged incident,” added the police rep.

Eyewitnesses say Justin was forced to punch the boy in order to get away from fans who had cornered him.

It seems like the father is just trying to make a quick buck off Bieber since he knows that if he sues, he’ll likely get a settlement. Hopefully there’s video or something to prove Bieber didn’t punch the kid out of sheer delight!