Justin Bieber Exposed: Is He Cheating?

November 10, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Exposed: Is He Cheating?

Break up rumors are multiplying faster than Justin Bieber’s Twitter followers.

In the wake of Selena Gomez’ “mystery man"-turned-“just friends” drama, a new controversy has struck hard against Hollywood’s hottest teen relationship. The question of the day: Is Justin cheating on Selena?

It all started with an appearance Justin made alongside the sculpted babes of Victoria’s Secret Annual Fashion Show in New York that would make any girlfriend—no matter how magnificent—squirm.

Justin was snapped in a photo next to one of those babes, Barbara Palvin. The Angel tweeted the photo of her and JB out to her 82,000 followers.

Based on paparazzi photos, the “As long As You Love Me” singer went to a Broadway performance of “The Lion King” the following day.

Fueling the betrayal rumors, Barbara tweeted “Lion King!” with a heart symbol.

Later, a photo surfaced of Justin palling around with Young Money artist Lil Twist. Lurking in the background of the shot like some sex-ready ghost vixen was—you guessed it—Barbara Palvin.

Selena—back home in L.A.—apparently noticed the image, retweeting it and adding the caption “......” It was the sentence pause heard ‘round to Belieber universe…

Also, it doesn’t help that, on a Tumblr dedicated to the 19-year-old model, a photo of Barbara’s actual boyfriend looks “a looooooooooooot” like Justin. Maybe she has a type…

So, what does all this mean?

After tirelessly analyzing all the data, our in-house Bieber-Gomez expert has come up with a hypothetical phone conversation that happened between the high profile couple to help clue us in to what the hell is going on. 

Here is the unofficial transcript of a conversation that may or may not have happened—

Selena Gomez: Hey, beau…What are you up to tonight?

Justin Bieber: Nothing, probably just going to watch ‘The Lion King’ with the guys…

SG: Oh, just the guys?

JB: Yeah, guys night!

SG: OK, I miss you…

Then—according to our expert guesser—Selena pulled a little jealous girlfriend maneuvering and stumbled onto the photo of Justin and Lil Twist with Barbara Palvin in the background, aka NOT “just the guys.”

So, Selena is steaming and Justin is in the doghouse…we think.

“Totally just made that up,” our expert adds, “but seems like it could be true.”

A fan has since reached out to Barbara, questioning if she was still with her boyfriend.

“Yes I am,” the model responded.