Justin Bieber Excited For Puberty

March 18, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber Excited For Puberty
Image By: Instagram

Well, it’s finally happened, kids. Justin Bieber has reached that awkward age where boys become men.

The baby-faced boy wonder is apparently super excited about entering puberty. So much so that he is sharing photos of the most absurd excuse for a mustache that Instagram has probably ever seen.

“Growin out the stash lol,” wrote Bieber of his newborn stubble, which he promptly named “Rick.”

You're just going to have to take Bieber’s word for it that there’s actually a stache there, though. Other than a few dark tan-shaded pixels, the skin on his upper lip is as pale and boyish as the rest of his cherub mug.

Later a shaved selfy arrived which demonstrated the immeasurable differences between Biebs pre- and post-Gillette. And by “immeasurable differences,” we mean none whatsoever.

Not that we’re making fun of Justin’s challenging journey to adulthood… We’re just pointing out how proud of his peach fuzz the “As Long As You Love Me” singer truly is. (OK, we’re kind of making fun of it.)

Proving that facial hair is the most important thing on Justin’s 19-year-old mind now, a series of other photos arrived on his Instagram featuring other dudes’ staches.

We can’t wait for JB to score his first women’s razors sponsorship!