Justin Bieber: Everything Has Been a Whirlwind

September 14, 2010 By:
Justin Bieber: Everything Has Been a Whirlwind

If you've often found yourself wondering "where the hell did Justin Bieber come from," you're not alone.

This 15 year-old teen sensation exploded onto the music scene and gave teenage girls (and some moms) "Bieber Fever" that just won't go away with regular aspirin. And believe it or not, he's still a little confused about how big he got!

"Everything’s just been kind of a whirlwind," Justin told Hollyscoop on the white carpet at the MTV VMA awards on Sunday night.

"I look back and realize last year I presented and nothing was going on too special," Justin told Hollyscoop adding, "Now I'm performing [and] I'm up for best new artist so it's pretty crazy."

When asked how he feels knowing he's the hottest act on the planet he simply added, "I don’t know it's special...it's really special."

Special indeed! But unlike some other young stars who have exploded onto the scene and quickly fizzled out, Justin is in it for the long haul. He told Hollyscoop we can expect "a lot of cool new stuff," from him on his new album.

Producer Sean Garrett, who worked with Justin on his new album assures us that it's going to a "big album."

"We're doing hot music for him," Sean told Hollyscoop exclusively at the VMA's. "I've known Justin since he was like 12. I met him 3 years ago…I love Justin he's a hard worker so excited and thrilled for his success, it's going to be a big album!"

And while most of us feel like Bieber Fever came from nowhere, Sean just knew he had a superstar on his hands.

"I knew he was going to be such a sensation he had a great personality his voice is just incredible you fall in love with his voice," Sean told Hollyscoop. "He's a great kid!"

Sounds like this is just the start of Beiber's world domination! Who would you love to see Biebs collaborate with in the future?

Check out our exclusive interview below with our host Diana Madison.