Justin Bieber Causes 300 Girl Stampede in London

June 7, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Causes 300 Girl Stampede in London

After causing a near riot in Norway, Justin Bieber’s girlish charm and cherubic face are causing more mayhem in other parts of the world.

Justin causes 300 teenage girls to turn into a flash mob. 300, you say? This is Sparta. Bieber!!!

Justin Bieber headed to ITV’s studios in London last night to appear on a show called “Alan Carr’s Summer Spectacular,” but as soon as the raging lunatics (teens girls) found out about it, a stampede occurred.

300 girls stormed past security barriers at the studio, screaming, crying, and foaming at the mouth while they silently mouthed their life mantras, “Justin Bieber Will You Go To Prom With Me?”

There were only three security guards on hand to wrangle the 300-strong screaming mob.

“It was genuinely scary,” says a source, “They’re only teenage girls but they were hysterical and had just one thought on their minds – to see Justin Bieber. It was pandemonium.”

Thankfully, the girls were shut out of the main building and Justin was locked safely inside, away from the hormone raging crowds that waited nearby for their prey.

I’m making this sound way worse that it actually was. I mean, nobody died.

However, things got dangerous last week for Bieber fans. When Bieber was in Norway last week, the screaming mob of girls was so bad that 49 girls were injured and 19 were hospitalized! Little girls were hospitalized because their love for Bieber turned into a mass frenzy of elbow-shoving and pig-tail pulling! “Out of my way! I’m going to make him my boyfriend! He’s going to take me place I ‘aint never before befo’! – I imagined they were saying.