Justin Bieber Caught Playing Underage Beer Pong

October 9, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Caught Playing Underage Beer Pong

Holy golden child Justin Bieber has been caught playing a game of underage Beer Pong! Gasp!

First off all, for all of Bieber’s tween fans reading this that have no idea what beer pong is, let me explain. It’s this game involving beer, red solo cups, and ping pong balls and the only reason you ever want to graduate from college is so you never have to play this game ever again.

Anyways, photos have surfaced from a year and a half ago, making the Biebs ONLY 17-years-old and caught in a rousing, FRATtastic, and totally underage game of beer pong.

Ok, who hasn’t played beer pong before they turned 21? Amiright? It’s embarrassing if you’re like 23 and still think it’s ok to throw a ball into a cup of beer, that being said, Bieber likes to keep his image squeaky clean and this doesn’t look good for the pint sized pop star. Pint-sized. Lol, that's a beer joke.

You can peep at the photos over on TMZ. Justin might be able to argue that he was just watching and NOT drinking, but c’mon let the kid have a little Keystone light every now and again!

Sources close to Bieber say the photo was taken either a year and a half ago in Canada or Georgia. Either way, Justin was too young to crush a beer in any country.