Shirtless Justin Bieber Caught With His Pants Down

January 29, 2013 By:
Shirtless Justin Bieber Caught With His Pants Down
Image By: FameFlyNet

Justin Bieber’s acoustic “Believe” album dropped today, have you been listening? We’re obsessed. But calm down for a second, because here’s a picture of Bieber in his underwear.

Does it make you feel pervy? A little bit, right? It’s okay, put on the acoustic version of “Boyfriend” and just hover your mouse here for a second.

Ok, we’re back.

So why is Bieber half naked anyways? And why is he wearing these tragic little boy boxer briefs? Well, we can only answer one of those questions.

Bieber was chillaxing at his rented mansion in Miami while he has three weeks off before jetting off for a European tour.

It’s unclear what Bieber is doing with his clothes off; he seems to be walking around with his buddies (who are all fully clothed). I guess that’s normal?

This semi-nude photo shoot comes after the news that Justin Bieber has started fondling the breasts of his female fans.

Walking around shirtless, being in Miami, groping fans, who does he think he is? Bret Michaels?