Justin Bieber Busted at Brazilian Brothel

November 4, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber Busted at Brazilian Brothel
Image By: FameFlyNet

Justin Bieber was busted at a Brazilian brothel. Now that we’ve satisfied your “B” alliteration for the day, let’s get to the news.

Justin Bieber visited a brothel (you know, a place where you go to pay for sex with hookers) on Friday night in Brazil and tried to sneak out to his car unnoticed under the cover of a sheet. But the year is 2013 and naturally paparazzi caught the whole damn thing.

Bieber spent three hours at the brothel, probably just hanging out and playing board games, we’re sure. WINKY FACE.

When the pop star left, he brought two girls with him. And by girls we mean they were probably prostitutes, unless of course he found the only two non-hookers in the brothel BECAUSE THAT MAKES SENSE.

The brothel is called Centaurus and according to AskMen.com it’s one of the greatest brothels in the world. $210 for 40 minutes with any girl you like. What a bargain!

The next night, Bieber went to a normal nightclub (the kind where you might get laid, but don’t have to pay for it) and again tried to sneak out under a sheet again.