Justin Bieber Assaults More Paparazzi in London

September 12, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Assaults More Paparazzi in London

Justin Bieber is in London to promote his new book (he has one of those?) and while greeting fans outside his hotel he was flooded with cheering fans and obnoxious paparazzi, so Bieber did what he did best, punched out a few paps.

To be fair, Beiber doesn’t really punch-out paps, he mostly just runs towards them, shoves them, and speeds down Hollywood freeways away from them.

In this case, Bieber was grabbing paparazzi by their collars and literally throwing them out of the way. Clearly, those boxing lessons are paying off.

Check the photo, one pap is making a “D’OH” face as another photog is pushed by Bieber into the second pap.

We’ve heard stories about how Bieber is kind of a prick (i.e. hanging up on phone calls, yelling at fans at the airport), so I’m not surprised that the prince of pop is just straight b-tch shoving paps left and right.

This isn’t the first time Bieber had a minor fisticuff with a photog. Back in May, Bieber chased after a paparazzi by foot when the photog blocked Bieber into a parking lot by parking the custom van in the way of the exit. It was super serious, Bieber got all thugged up to defend his girlfriends honor and ran at the paparazzi though no punches were thrown.