Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson Duet Leaks

August 16, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson Duet Leaks

We never thought we’d be saying (err, typing) this, but Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson have just collaborated on a new song…

Well, not so much a "collaboration" but rather, Bieber remixed/covered Michael’s song, “Slave to the Rhythm.”

“Slave to the Rhythm” is an MJ song that leaked online in 2010 after the King of Pop died.

Bieber took the song in its original form and basically recorded his vocals on a few verses, while keeping Michael’s voice on the track.

Also, for all Bieber’s underage fans, the song is about a stripper! GASP! OMG! Cover your ears, Bieber’s singing about strippers! Soon he's going to be singing about ecstasy and twerking! Say it ain't so!

The song is pretty sick, actually. It’s like a true duet between the King and Illegitimate Son of Pop.

Of course, we know JB’s been a longtime fan of MJ. Hmm, wonder what their duet name would have been…JM? BJ? Errr, nevermind.

Listen to the song here: