Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone Are Hollywood’s Swaggiest New Couple

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Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone Are Hollywood’s Swaggiest New Couple
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Together, these two are basically a living reboot of the "Entourage" TV show.

Austin Mahone rose to fame in the same way Justin Bieber did—via YouTube.

Here he is covering one of Justin’s songs, “Baby,” at just 14 years old. Cute, right?


The two eventually met and the rest is history.

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They’re basically bros now.


After a beef over Selena Gomez (Justin was NOT happy that Austin went with his ex to Disneyland), the two have patched things up and hit the studio recently.


Austin’s transformation into Justin couldn’t be more apparent.



Their names are practically identical.

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AusTIN. JusTIN. What more do you need?!


Oh, how about the most important shred of evidence then? HAIR. His started just like Justin’s signature mane…

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And now it’s all about covering it up with baseball caps.



Justin’s sound may have gone more R&B and hip-hop, while Austin’s has remained more straightforward pop, but that hasn’t stopped him from adopting Justin’s swag style.



They both also have a penchant for shirtless selfies.



Austin even has the same taste in wheels as Justin—a leopard-spotted Range Rover.



Only time will tell if Austin goes off the rails a la the Biebs.


We hope not.