Justin Bieber Almost Killed By Convicted Murderer

December 12, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Almost Killed By Convicted Murderer
Image By: Splash News

Justin Bieber has crazy fans, and then he has CRAZY fans.

A prisoner in New Mexico named Dana Martin who has a Bieber tattoo on his leg and is obsessed with the popstar, has sent out a hit on the popstar to have him killed and castrated.

Dana is serving a life sentence so he recruited a fellow inmate named Mark Staake to carry out the murder once he got out of jail.

Then Mark recruited his nephew Tanner Ruane and they planned to kidnap Bieber and his bodyguard, strangle them with paisley ties, and castrate them, during Bieber’s Madison Square Garden show last month.

Then, strangely enough, Dana (the guy STILL in prison who orchestrated the hit) told the cops the entire plan and police went after the two dudes.

Mark was found ahead of the concert in Vermont and was arrested for having outstanding warrants. The nephew actually made it to NYC but thankfully NYPD intercepted him before he could harm Bieber.

Tanner was arrested about a week before the Bieber concert.

However, reports surrounding these two men were reported back in November, but it wasn’t clear that they were after Bieber. IN fact, the early reports said they were targeting individuals in the Vermont area. That being said, Tanner WAS apprehended in New York and had garden shears on him.

Very scary. Hopefully Bieber has upped his security team.