Justin Bieber Almost Got Arrested

September 10, 2010 By:
Justin Bieber Almost Got Arrested

Note to self: US State Troopers do not have Bieber fever. Justin Bieber narrowly escaped arrest after throwing a water balloon at a US State Trooper.

He was almost cuffed by the officer, who was super pissed after being soaked by a water balloon thrown by the Biebs.

The incident happened right before a sold out performance, but luckily Biebs bodyguard managed to talk the trooper out of it.

Tweeting about the incident, Justin wrote: “Still laughing. Great Day."

He reportedly hid in his trailer while his bodyguard spoke to the trooper, who was at the show for crowd control.

Local news station WBALTV reported Justin was: "Horsing around with members of his staff outside a trailer, when one of the balloons hit a trooper's gun belt and burst, and the other brushed a trooper on the chest but didn't burst."

A spokesperson for the state police described Justin’s behavior as "inappropriate," but confirmed no incident report was filed and no further action will be taken against him or his entourage.

Damn he lucked out! Can you imagine JB behind bars?!