Justin Bieber Addresses New Baby Daddy Song: I Wanted To Be Shocking

June 27, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Addresses New Baby Daddy Song: I Wanted To Be Shocking

If you call yourself a Belieber, chances are you’re very familiar with the Justin Bieber/Mariah Yeater baby daddy drama (and a small creepy part of you is also low-key jealous).

So Bieber has a new song out called “Maria” where he sets the record straight and continues to deny that he even knows who Mariah Yeater is. He cleverly dropped the “h” in her name.

Anyways, Bieber hasn’t talked about the song or explained why he chose to do something so public with something we all forgot about months ago.

On Thursday, Bieber will sit down with new talk show host Bethenny Frankel on her new show for a full hour to discuss paternity drama and why he’s throwing Mariah Yeater under the bus.

“I wanted to do something that was like…a little shocking,” Bieber told Bethenny, “It was something that I’d been feeling and wanted to tell people. Because at the end of the day, you know things happen and I don’t get to really talk about it. People twist my words.”

In the song, Bieber croons, “That ain’t my baby, that ain’t my girl/Why are you trying to lie girl when I ain’t never met you at all.”

Hopefully the song doesn’t reignite Mariah’s 15 minutes of fame. I don’t know how much more of he-knocked-me-up-in-30-seconds-in-a-bathroom-stall we can take.

Bieber is still carrying a torch for his innocence, apparently, because he will reportedly tell Bethenny during the show, “I’m really able to explain my side of the story.”

According to a statement on the Bethenny show website:

“Justin is sitting down for the entire hour for a candid, in-depth interview unlike anything you've ever seen him do. He's never done a show quite like this, so you don't want to miss what happens!”

Listen to Beiber’s anti-love ballad here and tune into Bethenny tomorrow.